About Us
Food Not Bombs began in Boston in 1980. In Santa Cruz, Food Not Bombs first started to share vegan meals with the hungry in 1988 providing meals to the homeless at the Clock Tower. The activists also shared meals during the Farmer's Market and at one point they fed the community on Pacific Avenue.

Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs is an all volunteer project that recovers produce, bread and other plant based foods that would otherwise be discarded and prepares vegan meals that are shared outside the Downtown Post Office every Saturday and Sunday at 4:00 PM for several years. Our volunteers also share meals at protests in solidarity with local groups seeking peace, social justice and a sustainable future.

Everyone is invited to help recover, cook and share vegan meals with the community. Our food is always vegan or vegetarian and free to everyone without restriction. We have no leaders, presidents or directors and seek to include everyone by using the consensus process. We are not a charity taking nonviolent direction to change society so no one is forced to seek free meals at soup kitchens or risk arrest sleeping outside. Please join us in creating a peaceful world free from violence, cohesion and exploitation.